David Forsyth initially sat down to write a script in order to turn this story into an animated film. When he thought about the difficulties and practicalities of breaking into this market he decided that the best first step would be to produce the story in book form. Fedora and the Prince is that first step.

Because of his zeal and belief in this project he has published it at his own expense in the hope that he can show a major publishing house the value and beauty of this project in order that they can print a new edition and take it into a global market.

At the same time it was always his idea to create something tangible that would attract the interest of people within the film industry.

If David was to examine the content of the stuff our kids watch on their T.V.s computers and console’s he is in no doubt that it would not pass the test of suitable viewing and he has heard a number of friends being critical of what is currently available for our children.

Rather than being critical David would much rather produce something that was positive and would impact them with a story that will never leave them. As they grow older their childhood hero’s such as fairy god mother, Santa, tooth fairy and all other magical creatures fade into the background of their realities, yet angels? That is something that should never leave us.

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