Fedora and the Prince

Erina1Primarily Fedora’s adventure covers the story of the Prince, beginning at Christmas and finishing at Easter. The Story of Jesus, His life, death and resurrection has often been described as the greatest story ever told. In an age when nearly all teaching about Christianity has all been removed from our schools and our children are being indoctrinated with a humanist ideology it is important that we find other ways of engaging with them in order to show them the truth of the Scriptures.
This is a book that can be enjoyed by Christians and non Christians alike as for Christians it is faithful to the Scriptural texts and for non Christians it is a simple and honest way to hear and understand the central messages of Christmas and Easter.Cadeous1
Whereas Michael and Gabriel are Biblical characters the other angels in the book are fictional and make up a composite force that personalises the angelic action that took place during the life of Jesus. It is in no way my intention that they should ever up stage the Prince or outshines the work that was carried out through the Spirit.Ossian1

It is a book that children will find inspiring, encouraging and exciting.

Three kings

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