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David Forsyth
(email: dvd4syth@gmail.com)
David ForsythDavid Forsyth was born and brought up in Glasgow and has been a Christian for more than 30 years. He has a BA(Hons) in Film and Media from Stirling University and has also worked for a number of years in the fields of homeless, addiction and youth work.

David has experienced a lot of God’s goodness and been privileged to share God’s love and story in a number of foreign lands.
At the same time he has watched his own culture becoming more and more godless and he strongly believes that it is important to use the medium of internet, books and film to influence our society. He also strongly believes that without the backing and support of his family, Christian friends, his church and the body of Christ as a whole then none of this will happen.

When leading a Bible study among unchurched young people from one of the most deprived areas in Glasgow, one of them asked David why angels had never stopped the crucifixion of Jesus. Fedora and the Prince tries to answer that question.